Hello Mission Belt Family!

Everyone has a dream and a mission. Here at Mission Belt our dream and mission is to fight hunger and poverty around the world. We are very grateful for the wonderful support from our customers in helping us make the Mission happen.


Carina, one of the people we have been able to help fund, has a mission too: to save enough money so she can afford to send her children to college. Carina, 41, has been raising pigs for the past six years and earning supplemental income working at a local general store in Kabankalan, Philippines. To help her realize her dream we supplied her with an interest free loan, which allowed her to purchase additional feed and vitamins for her pigs. With the added income she has received, Carina has been able to pay off 96% of her loan and is well on her way to achieving her dream of giving her children the blessing of a better future. Because she is paying back her interest free loan we will be able to loan it out again and again and help make others dreams a reality.

You can follow up on Carina’s story as well as check other people that have been funded by the Mission Belt family on the Kiva website.


With much appreciation,

The Mission Belt Co. – Breaking the poverty cycle one belt at a time.

Kiva is an easily accessible platform that helps connect hard working people with a hand up and a small loan. Because the loans are interest free and 98% of them are repaid, the $1 from your Mission Belt purchase could be used to help hundreds of people invest in their dreams and help end the poverty cycle. They really are small loans that change lives.

January 27, 2014 — Jeff Jensen