One of the most functional and important accessories of a person's outfit is the belt. A belt helps to not only bring out an outfit and compliment the way it looks, but it also helps to keep your pants or skirt up in place over the hip area. Belts come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. One of the most popular materials used to make belts is leather. Leather belts tend to last longer than belts made of other material and are also more popular in terms of style and looks. Even PETA vegetarians like the look of a leather belts.


  • Select the type of leather you would like to use to make your new belt. There are all types of different leather you can use. Choose the one that best suits the style of belt you want to design and make.
  • Take the leather you bought and cut a strip from it. This strip will be the actual belt you are making. You will need to get your waist measurement to know how long to make the belt. Always cut the belt to be at least a foot longer than what you actually need.
  • Design the look of the belt. Many belts have a pointed end and others have a rounded end. Decide what type of end you want your belt to have. Mark the belt with the design and use a sharp knife to cut the design into the belt. You might want to look around online at belts and see which type of style you like.
  • Make a crease in the uncut end of the belt about 2 inches from the very end. Next take a slot punch tool and place it in the center of the folded back crease. Use a mallet to hit the punch until it goes all the way through the leather.
  • Use the punch and mallet to make all the notches in your belt. Each notch or hole you make should be at least an inch from the previous hole. Wrap the belt around yourself to see where the notches should be located and then mark them with a pencil or pen before punching the holes out.
  • After the belt has had adequate time to dry you will need to apply saddle soap to the belt. Take an old worn out rag and remove all the extra saddle soap.
  • Attach your belt buckle to the belt. Choose one that fits the overall design and style of the belt you are making. Unfold the crease in the belt and slide it through the buckle. Fold the leather back and line the holes up again. Place a rivet into the hole to secure the belt buckle in place on the belt.
  • Put the belt on to make sure the holes are positioned properly and that the belt has a nice snug fit.


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July 16, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts