Some people call the Mission Belt a "slide belt". It's also been called a ratchet belt, an auto-belt, a zip-belt, a no-holes belt, and the greatest belt ever made. All the terms fit but the Mission Belt is much more than just a slide belt. It's a piece of fashion that helps you stand out in a crowd and lets you be as comfortable as humanly possible. No other belt, slide belts included, is as good looking as a Mission Belt. It is sleek, stylish, understated, and unique. Anyone who handles a Mission Belt will automatically recognize the toughness and thoroughness of the design. Often times beauty is in the eye of the beholder but thanks to the modern scientific method we can empirically state that the Mission Belt is a cut above the rest. 


 Why Slide Belt?


Why do some people call the Mission Belt a slide belt? The answer is in the buckle. Unlike your traditional holes belt, the Mission Belt uses a unique buckle that allows the user to "slide" the belt into the buckle where a special mechanism catches the belt in place. It's the perfect fit every time because you can adjust the Mission Belt down to the millimeter. After a big lunch you won't feel the squeeze, unless you want to, and after a good couple of days working out on the running trail you won't have to punch a new hole into your perfectly good belt. It's the best of all worlds really. It looks great, feels great, and lastly, the Mission Belt is helping fight hunger around the world by giving hungry families a hand up to make their lives healthier and fuller. So whether you call it a slide belt, ratchet betl, or auto-belt, the Mission Belt will solve all your belt dilemmas and even help other people's hunger dilemmas around the world. So grab a Mission Belt today and get hip, comfortable, and charitable. 

January 19, 2013 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts